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About Us

We are a growth agency's solution for providing quality and affordable followers so you can focus more on attracting and retaining clients by offsetting the growth to specialists.

IG Flourish has been a partner to over 45 instagram growth agencies since 2017 adapting through all algorithm changes. 

We’ve successfully grown over 30,000 Instagram accounts through celebrities and influencers of multiple demographics. Your agency can be assured that IG Flourish is your one stop solution for all things growth related with wholesale pricing you can't find anywhere else.

Take all the credit

We are your white label partner, you clients don’t see our branding across any of the campaigns.

Our Process Is Simple

Discovery Call

Obligatory free call with our team to understand how our offer can improve your service.


You’re set up in our simple CRM displaying everything you need to know about your clients growth/campaign.


We provide before & after screenshots, regular campaign updates and additional followers to prevent drop offs for happier clients and the list goes on.

How Do We Grow Instagram Accounts?

We use Instagram influencers and large loop giveaway pages to provide growth with a range of demographics and size depending on the clients needs. After several years in the industry our growth is run completely in house with team members in multiple time zones. 

Across our contracted influencers and looping system we can provide packages anywhere from 1k to over 10k + followers a month whilst maintaining quality and overachieving on growth delivered.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Our model is built around making you profit and saving you time. Our pricing is going to vary on the current packages you are offering clients, the demographic of followers you want, and the number of clients you have. We offer wholesale rates that are flexible and work into your business smoothly.

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